Sepiolite Free flowing agents for animal feed

Mineral additives for animal feed

Sepiolite is used as a free flowing agent in feeds due to the high water absorption capacity, the easiness to handle it in the factory, and the low inclusion level (2%) needed.

Meal type feed formulas need the addition of freeflowing agents to avoid humidity problems and caking effects cause by fats and hygroscopic ingredients.
The use of sepiolite helps to reduce the cost of feeds by allowing a higher addition of fats and molasses without altering the quality of the meal.

Effects of the inclusion of Sepifeed S60 in the quality of meal type feeds.

  • The inclusion of Sepifeed S60 facilitates managing and distribution of feeds during the production process.
  • Better homogeneity of the ingredients in the formula.
  • Humidity control of the mixture avoiding unwanted oxidative reactions.
  • Sepiolite is the ideal solution to avoid caking problems in the formula.
  • Life self of feeds are guaranteed.
  • Control of bacteria and other contaminants.

Nutritional effects of adding Sepifeed S60 in meal type feeds.

  • Improves digestion and absorption of nutrients in animals with positive yield results.
  • Slows intestinal transit of the feed, improving digestion of nutrients and reducing digestive disorders.
  • A lower number of cases of diarrhoea results in cleaner eggs and lower rate of animal ulcers.

Environmental effects of adding Sepifeed S60 in meal type feeds.

  • Improves the environmental quality of farms.
  • Facilitates handling of faeces due to their greater consistency and the lower rate of diarrhoeas.
  • The high absorption capacity of sepiolite atmospheric ammonium reduces the presence of bad odours.

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Product Description Technical info

This product complies with EC Regulation 1831/2003 on additives for animal feed and is included in the technological additive category with the number E-562.

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