Sepiolite Carriers for Animal Feed

Mineral additives for animal feed

Sepiolite is an excellent carrier for premix, it’s inert as well as able to control humidity. Sepiolite is very easy to handle and it doesn’t interfere with the ingredients of the formula.
The level of addition of sepiolite in the premixe is variable depending of composition and characteristics of the final product.

Effects of adding Sepifeed S60 in the quality of Premixes.

  • Sepiolite´s particle size and density are compatible with the premix ingredients avoiding segregation of the mixture during transport and handling.
  • Irregular surface of sepiolite allows a good interaction with smaller components of the formula improving final homogeneity.
  • Sepiolite is got a positive effect on stability of premixes during storage, is non-higroscopic, dust free and anti-caking.
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  • The low electrostatic charge of sepiolite avoids adherences of ingredients in the mixer and cross-contamination.
  • Sepiolite allows addition of liquid components.
  • Controla la humedad de la mezcla y evita los problemas de higroscopicidad y apelmazamientos.
  • Mantiene la estabilidad y conservación del corrector durante su almacenamiento.

Nutritional effects of adding Sepifeed S60 in Premixes

  • Sepiolite is chemically inert and it does not interfere with the ingredients of the premix.
  • Nutritional properties of premixes are not compromised when using sepiolite as a carrier.
  • The integrity of all the components of premixes and their action in animals is guaranteed.


Product Description Technical info
Sepifeed S60

This product complies with EC Regulation 1831/2003 on additives for animal feed and is included in the technological additive category with the number E-562.

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Sepifeed S30

This product complies with the requirements of Regulation (EC) 1831/2003 on additives for animal feed, and included in the category of technological additives with E-562 number.

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