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Sepiolita E-562 is used as a binding agent because it improves pellet quality, optimizes granulated feed manufacturing, reduces production cost and improves pellet mill performances.

The use of  sepiolite E-562 guarantees excellent pellet quality in feeds, as these are not affected by a variety of factors such as raw material composition, addition of liquid additives, temperature, humidity, pellet machine compression and conditioning times.

Sepiolite is added to the mixer in amounts of 1-2%, ensuring perfect homogeneity of the formula and allowing the addition of a greater range of raw materials.

Sepiolite is easy to handle and it improves maintenance of the manufacturing facilities due to its low abrasiveness.

Effect of adding Sepiolite <100 in pellet durability

  • Enhances particle adhesion and compaction when passing through the pellet machine.
  • Prevents clumping of pellets in the distribution mechanisms.
  • Sepiolite <100 improves feed durability within the levels of quality without requiring significant changes to the pelleting process.
  • It allows the addition of a higher proportion of high-energy ingredients such as fats and molasses, thereby reducing the cost of the diet.
  • Facilitates the addition of large amounts of liquids in the mixer.
  • structure enhances the effects of the inclusion of fats and other liquids in the formula.

Nutritional effects of adding Sepiolite <100 in granulated feed.

  • Improves digestion and absorption of nutrients in animals with positive yield results.
  • Slows intestinal transit of the feed, improving digestion of nutrients and reducing digestive disorders.
  • A lower number of cases of diarrhoea results in cleaner eggs and lower rate of animal ulcers.

Environmental effects of adding Sepiolite <100 in granulated feed

  • Improves the environmental quality of farms.
  • Facilitates handling of faeces due to their greater consistency and the lower rate of diarrhoeas.
  • Menor incidencia de diarreas.
  • The high absorption capacity of sepiolite atmospheric ammonium reduces the presence of bad odours.

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Product Description Technical info

This product complies with EC Regulation 1831/2003 on additives for animal feed and is included in the technological additive category with the number E-562.

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