Animal feed additives, mineral additives for animal feed

Clays for compound feeds: sepiolite and bentonite

Sepiolsa products for animal feed are 100% natural, safe and ecological, being prepared by a clean and enviromentaly friendly energy .

Our minerals (Sepiolite and Bentonite) are selected and process in our own facilities to obtain a finished product with all the guarantees of quality, safety and efficiency.

 Sepiolite is registered as technological additive E-562 within the functional group of binders and anticaking  agents as per Regulation 1831/2003 CE.  Sepiolite was authorized by the European Union in 1990 for use as a technological additive for animal feed and has been used since in all the manufacturing processes of the feed industry.

Bentonite of  Sepiolsa is also registered as a technological additive according to Regulation  (CE) 1831/2003 on additives for use in animal nutrition, with number E-558.

Our ISO 9001:2008 quality management system garantees the control and traceability of all our products, processes and services, meeting the strictest quality requirements. Since 2002, it has incorporated a Critical Control Points and Hazard System  (HACCP) focused on Food Safety and certified under the Fami-QS Good Practice Code.

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